Athletic WebDesign

This Lyceum course leads an interdisciplinary group of students through the process of developing their professional brand and enacting that brand in the creation of an ePortfolio. An ePortfolio is an electronic website that can communicate a student's professional identity to others, including employers, prestigious scholarship review boards, or graduate schools. Making an ePortfolio can help students reflect on and refine their professional story.

Introduction to Genre

Introduction to Annotated Bibliographies

Library Research Series, Pt 1

Beginning InDesign 

Library Research Series, Pt 2

Library Research Series, Pt 3

These student-facing videos were made to engage students in my courses. Many have been adopted by other instructors. In designing videos for my courses, I use the affordances of video recording. For instance the InDesign instructional video reinforced an InDesign workshop lesson but allowed students to re-watch the video as they needed additional support in learning the design interface. 

Introduction to Multimodality